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Thanks for a great Symposium!


CLPS 6th Annual Symposium Logo Unveiled!


Dates for Symposium Announced! Oct. 22-23!

Details to Follow, but mark your calendars. The 6th Annual CLPS Symposium entitled "Law Chasing Technology:The Next Decade" is on October 22 & 23.

Please stay tuned as specific schedules and events are forthcoming. We can't wait to see you there!


CLPS Lecture Series II Announced!

CLPS is proud to announce the second lecture series. Please find the schedule below; see you there!

Note, all lectures will be in the Syracuse College of Law, in Room 175.

Tues April 6: Roy Gutterman from the Newhouse School on editorial content as a resource in re to the NY fed court case involving the Associated Press. (

Tues April 13: William Myhill from the Burton Blatt Institute on communications technology for people with disabilities. (

Tues April 20: LaVonda Reed-Huff fom SUCOL on political broadcast rules and the impact of the Supreme Court's decision in Citizen's United v. Federal Election Commission. (

Thurs April 27: SU Showcase
Tues May 4: Elise Hiller formerly from Cable Television Association of NY and Maureen Helmer from Hiscock & Barclay on writing for administrative & regulatory law. (


CLPS in the future!

On March 2, 2010 members of the Communications Law & Policy Society (CLPS) will meet with the Office of Professional & Career Development at Syracuse University College of Law to discuss new ways to marry CLPS's relationship with national leaders in the communications law sector with the Office's career advice and placement mission. Members representing the 1L, 2L and 3L classes will be in attendance. We look forward to a productive discussion as we continue to strengthen Syracuse College of Law's position in the field.


2010 Symposium SUCCESS!

Check back soon for the pictures, podcasts and discussions that made the 2010 "Law Chasing Technology" the success that it was.

For now, we want to thank our panelists, sponsors and participants for such a wonderful experience--it wouldn't be possible without you.

See you in 2011!


Room For Pre-Symposium Lectures Announced!

ROOM 201 will play host to the Pre-Symposium lectures to start next semester.

Can't wait to see you and stay tuned for details and speaker information.

CLPS in 2010!


Mini-Lecture Series Announced!

Lunchtime Mini-Lecture Series:
Each of these mini-lectures will be geared towards teaching you about the relevant issues of each subject and will take place from 12-1pm at the Law School. Room TBA.

TUESDAY JAN 26: Net Neutrality with Elise Hiller of CTANY.

THURSDAY JAN 28: ID Management with Prof. Courtney Barclay of the Newhouse School.

TUESDAY FEB 2: Google Books with Prof. Lisa Dolak of SUCOL.

THURSDAY FEB 4: The National Broadband Plan with Prof. LaVonda Reed-Huff of SUCOL.

TUESDAY FEB 9: Technology Reporting & Policy with Prof. Roy Gutterman of the Newhouse School.

THURSDAY FEB 11: ID Management Video- Both funny and informative. You'll love it! And understand ID Management in New Media.


2009 In Review

As 2009 comes to a close, and CLPS takes a brief respite for Winter Break, we would like to take time to celebrate our accomplishments.

Though we have many exciting things to work on in the coming year, here is a list of some our best for 2008-09:

i. CLPS Website has launched
ii. 1 Fundraiser held
iii. Symposium panels almost full
iv. CLPS Happy Hour
v. CLPS Journalism Crew
vi. Strong fundraising support so far for symposium
vii. Moot court team assembled, funding granted from senate
viii. Donation to FCBA Charity auction
ix. CLPS Syracuse Crunch Hockey Night
x. Viewing of Various FCC Videos (Broadband and Open
Xi. The ratification of our new constitution!

Thanks for all your contributions and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!


CLPS – General Membership Meeting: The Semester Thus Far (Monday November 23, 2009 @ 12:00pm: COL 202)


We will hold a general membership meeting this coming Monday to discuss the semester thus far, how to finish out the semester, and how to begin 2010. Please bring a final copy of your spring 2010 schedule with you as we will finalize meeting dates and times, as well as reserve time for academic CLPS events.


Welcome to the NEW CLPS!

images Our website is now LIVE! Feel free to poke around, it still has that new website smell. Thanks to all of those that helped with the beta site.


Constitution Ratified


Attn. All Colonies:

The CLPS Constitution was ratified last night. Want to cruise the document yourself? Check it out here.


CLPS Constitutional Convention

A discussion and ratification will happen tomorrow (10/7) as we amend our guiding document.

It will be held in the Law School, Room 204. See you there!


Symposium Meeting 9/30

The Symposium meeting today is at 6pm.
We will be meeting in Room I in the Library Basement as Room C was unavailable.

We hope to see you all there!


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