About CLPS

The Executive Board for the 2009/2010 School Year (click to email)

President: Andrew J. Simmons

Vice President: Cindy Trinh

Treasurer: Joshua Smith

Symposium Director: Dominique Stafford

Symposium Chair: Kate Felice

Communications Director: Amanda Hiffa

Tech Support/Logistics: Gideon Elliot

Moot Court Coordinator/Coach: Vanessa Macias

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Faculty Advisors:

Our Constitution:

Have more questions? Want to read our founding and governing document? It is located here. Or download it: CLPS Constitution, ratified 10-7-2009.

What is CLPS?

The Communications Law and Policy Society ("CLPS") is a student run organization at the Syracuse University College of Law.

What is communications law?

Communications law is a body of primarily federal statutes, regulations, and judicial decisions that govern radio; broadcast, cable, and satellite television; and other means of electronic communication.

CLPS Goals & Objectives

CLPS seeks to bring together an active group of academics, practitioners, and students in the Syracuse area with interests in the communications field, to introduce the community-at-large to the different facets of communications law, and to engage in a dialogue about the legal and policy developments in legal, regulatory, and legislative arenas.

CLPS plans to provide a talented pool of educated, skillful, and passionate future attorneys to employers by working with the university administration to enhance the course offerings in communications law and by working with practitioners in bring relevant lectures to the school.


Membership in CLPS is open to all SUCOL students in good academic standing who have paid both the student activity fee and a $10 CLPS membership fee.

Please check out homepage for dates and time of our weekly meetings.

We actively publish content on our website, and are always seeking submissions from our members.

CLPS Activities

As one of the most active student groups on campus, CLPS is proud to offer One L students many opportunities to get involved.

The Annual Symposium

Each year we host one of the premier communications law symposiums in the country (according to past participants). This year the event will focus on technology and communications law.

Communications Moot Court Team

CLPS (that’s us) sends a group of students to Washington, D.C. to participate in American University’s Washington College of Law’s annual Communications Law Moot Court competition. Please check here for archived information.

Check out our current Team's Page.

Career Networking Events

This organization offers students a unique opportunity to forge working relationships with legal professionals while still in law school, an immense benefit when looking for jobs.

Hosting Luncheon Speakers

Each semester we hold brown bag and pizza luncheons where students can listen and learn from professionals during the lunch hour.

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