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  • D. Zachary Champ, President
  • Kevin Tully, Vice President
  • Yasaman Hakiman, Treasurer
  • Erin Lawless, Symposium Directer
  • Dominique Stafford, Symposium Chair
  • Communications Director, Ravi Patel
  • Jessie Sweetland, Moot Court Coordinator
  • Cindy Trinh, Publicity Chair
  • Andrew Simmons. Tech Coordinator


  • Lindsey Brady, President
  • D. Zachary Champ, Vice President
  • Yasaman Hakiman, Treasurer
  • John Hammond, Communications Director
  • Kelly Bunch, Symposium Director


  • Kyle Somers, President
  • Jennifer Holtz, Director of Academic Affairs
  • Lindsey Brady, Treasurer
  • Christopher Naoum, Secretary
  • Jennifer Holtz, Director of Academic Affairs
  • John Russell, Director of Logistics


  • Shaina Schallop, President
  • Kyle Somers, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Holtz & Shaina Schallop, Symposium Director


  • Jennifer Holtz,
  • Christopher Naoum,
  • John Russell

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