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Check out the new CLPS Bulletin Entitled "Google Music: Does this Mean the Music Industry Should Start Playing the Blues?"

A new service has burst onto the Internet scene. However, unlike the million of attempts to carve out market share in the various platforms of the Internet everyday, this particular new effort caught serious attention--by bloggers, journalists and users alike.

Read the article here.


The new CLPS Weekly Bulletin "Ambiguity of Indecency Regulation" is up.

There seems to be universal agreement within society that certain words are considered “bad.”  While certain words are deemed “bad” people still use them, and these “bad words” are in greater common use than ever before.

Read the article here.


Check out the new CLPS Weekly Bulletin "The New Digital Age and Copyright Law."

It is no doubt that technology has expanded the number of ways that artists may express their work. The digital age has brought forth new and interesting ways artists can create their works. No change has been more significant than the shift to "digital".

Read the article here.


Check out the new ,10/10, CLPS Bulletin "Proposed New Neutrality or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 'Net."

-NET NEUTRAILTY, that buzzword your IT department has been talking about, has finally come to bear. Or has it?

Net Neutrality, according to Wall Street Journal Tech Reporter Amy Schatz in her article “U.S. as a Traffic Cop in Web Fight is loosely defined as “force[ing] Internet.......

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