CLPS Lecture Series II Announced!

CLPS is proud to announce the second lecture series. Please find the schedule below; see you there!

Note, all lectures will be in the Syracuse College of Law, in Room 175.

Tues April 6: Roy Gutterman from the Newhouse School on editorial content as a resource in re to the NY fed court case involving the Associated Press. (

Tues April 13: William Myhill from the Burton Blatt Institute on communications technology for people with disabilities. (

Tues April 20: LaVonda Reed-Huff fom SUCOL on political broadcast rules and the impact of the Supreme Court's decision in Citizen's United v. Federal Election Commission. (

Thurs April 27: SU Showcase
Tues May 4: Elise Hiller formerly from Cable Television Association of NY and Maureen Helmer from Hiscock & Barclay on writing for administrative & regulatory law. (

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